Costume Effect 7/4/2017

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Fallen Angel Wing - Enable to use Blessing lv3
Heavenly Wing - Enable to use Increase Agi Lv3
Archangel Wing - Enable to use Attention Concentration Lv3
Kirin Wing - Enable to use Heal Lv3
Brilliant Golden Wing - Enable to use indulge lv1
Rudra Wings - Enable "Endure" and "Fast Movement Speed" All The Time
Great Devil wings -  Enable to use Teleportation Lv1

Upper costume - All stat +1, ATK+50, MATK+5%, Increase HP Recovery Lv5

Middle costume - All stat +1, HP+10%, SP+10%, Increase SP Recovery Lv5

Lower costume - All stat+1, CastTime -15%, AfterCast Delay -15%, Discount Lv5, Overcharge Lv5

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