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  1. Hi guys, we will be having a few events after mother's day, which is on Sunday 14/5/2017 this week 7PM onwards. Come join us ^^ GM Loki.
  2. Hi guys, its time for some mvp hunt and exchange for rare item! Event duration = 2/5/2017 - 14/5/2017 Tiger's Footskin x 5 --> Blessing Scroll + Agi Scroll x 50 Ant Jaw x 5 --> LV10 Stat Food Of Desired x 10 Gemstone x5 --> Token Of Siegfried x 50 Fang of Hatii x5 --> God Anvil x 2 Heroic Emblem x5 --> God Hammer x 2 Hand Of God x5 --> Old Card Album x 3 Mother's Nightmare x5 --> Poison Bottle x 10 / Fire & Grenade Bottle x 30 Fire Dragon Scale x5 --> Gym Pass x 1 1 SET OF ALL ITEM ABOVE x 5 --> 100CC
  3. Hi guys! Its Labour Day! Of course we are having event! Tonight! 9PM! Come join us~
  4. Its Thursday, its event day! We will be having some fun event tonight on 9PM! Come join us! GM Loki
  5. Item Hunting Event! 26/4/2017 - 30/4/2017 During the event period, look for GM Loki in game and trade for your desired special item! Light White Potion x 50 Jellopy x 20 Fluff x 20 Feather x 20 Sticky Mucus x 20 Light Blue Potion x 25 Scell x 20 Trunk x 20 Broken Shell x 20 Momento x 20 Cracked Diamond x 20 Poison Bottle X 5 Fabric x 20 Little Evil Wing x 20 Evil Horn x 20 Old Card Album x 1 Amethyst x 1 Emerald x 1 Opal x 1 Sardonyx x1 Topaz x 1 Sapphire x 1 Stat Food Of Choice LV10 x 5 3 Carat Diamond x 1 Black Cat Doll x 20 Helm Of Dullahan x 20 Tongue x 20 Mud Lump x 20 Token Of Siegfried x 3 Needle Of Alarm x 20 Zargon x 20 Soft Feather x 20 Worn Out Pages x20 20 Cash Point Talon Of Griffon x 5 Red Frame x 5 Reins x 30 Old Magic Book X 1 Necklace Of Wisdom x 1 Our Official Facebook Page:
  6. Hello Thursday! Are you feeling Lucky today? Come join our 100% luck event tonight on 9PM! GM Loki
  7. Good Tuesday~ We are having fun event tonight on 9PM today Tips: Alot cute headgears to be won! ^^ GM Loki
  8. Good news, Dual client is back! You may now play multi account at the same time. Also, skill walkpath bug and mailbox are fixed! GM Loki
  9. Happy Sunday Guys! We will be having Event tonight on 8PM onwards, Join us! GM Loki
  10. Check out in our facebook page,
  11. 15/4/2017 - 21/4/2017 All donation will get 20% bonus CC along with free items listed below. (If you donate 200CC, you will get 100CC's item as well.) Donation Of 100CC 300 Light Blue & White Potions Increase Agi Scroll Box (10PCs) x 5 Blessing Scroll Box (10PCs) x5 Donation Of 200CC Convex Mirror Box (20PCs) x 1 Token Of Siegfried Box(10PCs) x 2 Donation Of 300CC Old Card Album x 5 Mystical Card Album x 2 Gym Membership Card Box x 2 Donation Of 500CC God Hammer x 5 God Anvil x 5
  12. Hi guys, We are going to have a few Events on 13/4/2017 (Thursday) Night 9.00PM Make sure to be there^^ GM Loki
  13. Its Monday again! Lets party up and hunt Valkyrie!
  14. Event ended with total of 19 players taking part Thanks everyone who joined!
  15. This is a npc where you can enchant your Equipment with extra stat Rrandom +1 to +10 stats (Won't fail) Compared To Prontera's Stat Enchanter random +1 to +3 (With failure resulting to break the equipment) Unawaken Equipment - 1 God Hammer Reawakening Equipment - 1 God Hammer + 1 God Anvil