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  1. It is not me who is useful, must thank to "Google". orz orz orz
  2. Try this
  3. The detail that provided in doesn't seem correct with the amount that specified. EG: pay_fild09 -Greatest General seem off a lot, the spawn is somewhere around 5 instead of 36 -Horong doesn't spawn here -Wanderer only have 1 Bug Found Out: -Sohee suicide skill doesn't have any indication like Dumpling
  4. I think the drop rate is fine but the card drop is PATHETIC! I almost lvl 50 but until now neither I have any card in my inventories. Not even poring card, does this server need to us to bot if we need card?
  5. Apparently the spawn point for Prontera make your character stuck between housing. Or is it only affected my character?