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  1. WTF this forum is dead. Everybody just eating popcorn and see what Rienflier can make =.=" April fool anyone?
  2. So.. what's next? We've been in Beta for around 40 days though the bug reports are getting lesser day-by-day. Does anyone managed to make through a trans 99 character in-game? What's the plan of Rienflier to give mRO a grand launch? To anybody who complaint that this server is private, the answer will be known during D-Day once they rolled out the payment method of Kafra points. If Rienflier really wish to prove their official status of Ragnarok to represent Malaysia, I believe they will go through the hassle to complete the payment gateway (which probably the reason of delay since everything is almost ready by now) like MolPay instead of those offered by most private servers like Paypal/direct bank-in etc. The only issue I concern is the availability/responsiveness of support staffs of this server after seeing iRO support overwhelmed by the tickets sent in although they've done a good job overall. Well, let's wait and see then.
  3. Thanks for your info! I couldn't imagine how to play this seeing the Beta is full of trivial bugs. They said to release it at EP1 but now we see Juno map and Destructed Morroc which is FAR MORE NEWER. If they really wish to start at the beginning, just go with vanilla Classic, not scrambling Episode & mix in features from renewal mechanics.
  4. got Juno map but no airship?