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  1. Registration form not working properly. Error was shown " Something bad happened. Report to an administrator ASAP. " Is there any way I could register? Tried for two days but it still shows this message.
  2. I see... then this shouldn't be an issue then. Someone should close this thread.
  3. I tried going near the Dark Lord and get the same black screen effect too. Not sure if it is normal.... need GM to clarify on this.
  4. Unable to enter the portal & the portal is not on the correct area... reference as attached below.
  5. Well, imagine if there were more players. I think we Win 10 players will go crazy just because of the random lag. LOL!
  6. I see the same problem too. Maybe margin not aligned properly in the stats.
  7. My problem same as Turtle. Also got stuck occasionally when moving. Not sure if it is happening for people with Win 10... need more close beta players to verify this issue.
  8. Wizard job change test could not proceed as there were no mob spawn in the job change test room
  9. LOL! FML! I accidentally saved in Payon and then realized the kafra is bugged. Ended up have to walk all the way to Alberta just to warp to Prontera.
  10. Me too! I have the same problem as well. I might need to squint my eyes abit.. LOL!
  11. There is description error for Mage's skill "Napalm Beat" as it is shown 0 SP in the hotkey.